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  • Calvet

    French Wine

    Calvet Company was founded by Jean-Marie Calvet in Rhône river valley in 1818. By 1823 Calvet branch business had appeared in Bordeaux downtown and some time after such branches were opened in every major wine-producing region of France.
    The company kept developing and in 1870 Jean-Marie’s son Octave Calvet approved the construction of Calvet Castle in Médoc. That is a really magnificent building with Louis XVI style façade and 16,000 square metres of wine cellars. Later on the castle was extended three times as the company was growing.
    In 1886 Argentine branch was opened and three years after Jean Calve, one of Octave’s sons, settled down in Burgundy. That choice was by no means arbitrary for Calve in such a way pointed out that the company had always been specializing in the wines from the best vineyards of France.
    At the beginning of XX century Jean Calvet was the first to suggest marking every Calvet bottle with a nameplate (like the one you can see on Réserve des Princes). This guarantees the wine quality and makes it recognizable all over the world. Thus, in 1920 an eagle had been chosen as the symbol of Calvet and the colour of red wine as the corporate colour.

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