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  • 1885 Lager

    1885 Lager

    A pilsner-style lager with personality. Hearty, malty flavours and just the right amount of fruitiness, hops, and bitterness. Tastes just like home… If your home happens to be Scotland.

  • Tennent's Extra

    Tennent's Extra

    A strong lager with a brave heart. Unapologetic about its alcohol taste, yet surprisingly sweet, it’s got a dash of fruitiness and a clear bitter finish. A fiery leader among beers.

  • Tennent's Scotch

    Tennent's Scotch Ale

    A full-bodied strong ale with a soft side. Subtle fruit flavours and a touch of hops, followed by a warm, welcoming finish of caramel and malt. It’s the beer equivalent of sitting next to a crackling fireplace.

  • Tennent's Can

    Tennent's Can

    Refreshingly crisp lager.

  • Oranjeboom


    One of the oldest beweries in Holland was the "De Oranjeboom" brewery in Rotterdam, established in 1671 as a continuation of the "De Dissel", which already existed in 1650. In 1968, when both breweries were the only ones remaining in their respective cities, they were merged under the name "United Dutch Breweries", centralised in Breda in the Netherlands.

    The name Oranjeboom is closely connected to the history of the Netherlands. Since the 16th century, our, still ruling, Royal Family, belonged to the House of Orange and the symbol of the affinity of the Dutch people with their sovereign has always been an orange blossom or orange tree. Oranjeboom is precisely the Dutch word for orange tree.

    "Oranjeboom Premium Beer" is, as has always been, a strong yet mildly bitter, pure, natural lager. It is a symbol of age-old traditions and comradeship.

  • Wiedmann


    Beer is our business. Since the founding of our first brewery in 1538 in The Netherlands we have been serving our beers to consumers all over the world. Through the centuries we have developed from a classical brewery into an independent supplier of all major European beer styles.

    United Dutch Breweries has created and uses its own high quality brewery network throughout Europe. This makes us probably the most flexible supplier in the entire business, as we are able to offer all major beer styles.

    From classical Dutch style lager beers to authentic Belgian Abbey beers or German Weissbier; from 0.0% up to 16% alcohol; we have it all on offer, either under one of our own heritage brand labels or via a trading brand or exclusive private label.

  • Hertog


    Hertog Jan double is a traditional dark beer of high fermentation. the term 'double' refers historically to the double amount of ingredients. Hertog Jan double tests you with all your senses, allowing you to make the most of color, smell and taste. First you pour it into a glass and admire the foam and the beautiful reddish-brown color. next you smell full soft flavor. you take a sip and taste the rich malty character. and finally you enjoy the slightly sweet aftertaste.The secondary fermentation in the bottle gives a fresher and richer flavor and aroma.

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