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  • Cantina di Soave

    Italian Wine

    Today, Cantina di Soave still maintains the same basic co-operative philosophy, that of covering the entire cycle from vineyard to sales to defend and further the interests of all the members and to achieve a high level of flexibility in production planning.
Over the decades up to the beginning of the '60s, the co-operative continued to grow in terms of both members and wine producing capacity, with 434 growers contributing some 13,000,000 kilos of grapes.

    In 1962 a new wine-pressing facility was built a few hundred metres from the original cellars and connected to them by an underground wine pipeline, which is still in use.
Over the decade following the opening of the new wine-pressing plant the capacity of the cellars gradually became insufficient, so at the end of the '70s the co-operative started to implement a policy of buying up small local wine businesses. In 1979 it acquired the Ruffo wine-making plant, where it concentrated certain highly specialized processes, such as that of classic sparkling white wine.

In 1993 work started on the construction of a new plant next to the wine-pressing facility. Here the various stages of the wine-making process are carried out, including bottling on the state-of-the-art bottling lines.

    Finally, in July 1996, Cantina di Soave acquired and merged "Cantina Sociale di Valtramigna and in May 2005 also “Cantina di Illasi” that have permitted the company to reach its actual size and at the same time to enlarge the supply of grapes from its members.

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